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Our Mission

We bring meaningful Jewish learning education into your home, how, and when it works best for you.
Rabbi Dani Eskow

Rabbi Danielle G. Eskow

Co-founder & CEO

Individual Students & Families

Online Jewish Learning (OJL) provides carefully curated Jewish education to individual students through innovative teaching methods. Our interactive remote learning model offers families with busy schedules, or those far from synagogues, a convenient alternative to traditional in-person Hebrew school. OJL’s experienced and passionate educators tailor curriculum to meet the needs of each student — regardless of background or prior knowledge — making learning easy, accessible, and enjoyable. OJL works with families who are synagogue members and those who are unaffiliated.

Synagogues & Institutions

OJL also offers synagogues, institutions and communities the opportunity to seamlessly expand their educational offerings, without the need to hire additional staff. Many communities struggle to cover all of the topics they would like, within the often limited time-frame of a traditional Hebrew school setting. Our team works directly with clergy, educators, and synagogue staff to create compelling online programs that complement and bolster existing curriculum. Through the OJL White Label Partnership Program, OJL becomes an extension of our clients’ teams, managing all of the back-end elements, therefore allowing clergy and educators to focus their time on competing priorities, such as fostering important relationships, growing membership and building community.

As leaders in online education and engagement, we have worked with more than 5,000 families and 50 institutions across the country since the launch of OJL in 2011. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to support our clients’ Jewish journeys and take great pride in helping them reach their goals.

Our Goals

Online Jewish Learning was founded with the goal of providing every Jewish student with access to meaningful education that is interactive and fun.

We provide the opportunity for students anywhere in the world to learn with enthusiastic teachers from the comfort of their own home.

OJL Programs at a Glance

Hebrew School at Home is designed to meet the needs of each student and incorporates tefilah (prayer), Hebrew language, Jewish history, and a discussion of the weekly parashah (Torah portions). We work with each family to develop individual, tailored plans and schedules for each of our students.

B’nai Mitzvah Preparation is a comprehensive program created to ensure our students are well-prepared for this important milestone. Students enrolled in both our traditional (1-1.5 years) and accelerated (6-9 months) programs typically learn the Torah and Haftarah tropes (melodies) as well as the Torah portion, elements of the service, prayers, prepare for the ceremony and write a D’var Torah (traditional speech focused on the weekly Torah portion). We enjoy working closely with families to help prepare parents/guardians and other family members for the ceremony as well.

B’nai Mitzvah Concierge Services provides families with ceremony, event planning and logistical support. From finding the perfect venue to securing a Torah scroll and retaining a Rabbi to officiate the ceremony, we are experts in helping to create beautiful and memorable smachot (celebrations). Our Concierge clients have the opportunity to create a custom siddur (prayer book), complete with personal entries/letters/logos, etc., which the OJL team will print or produce digitally for the big day. Our team also has experience coordinating b’nai mitzvah trips to Israel, for those who are interested in celebrating this milestone abroad in Israel.

Hebrew Reading offers students with no prior Hebrew reading experience the opportunity to build a strong foundation for the Hebrew language, and often serves as a precursor to, or is pursued concurrently, with our B’nai Mitzvah program. This program is also ideal for students (teens and adults) who would simply like a “refresher” to help prepare for a trip to Israel, or gain confidence in their Hebrew language and conversational Hebrew skills.

Adult Education provides students 18+ years who seek to expand their knowledge of Judaism the opportunity to work 1:1 with one of our seasoned educators. Whether you would like to better understand tefillah (prayers) and various services (Shabbat shacharit [morning], mincha [afternoon] and ma’ariv [evening] services, daily minyan, etc.), hone your Hebrew language skills or learn to read Torah, our team will help you reach your goals. We also truly enjoy working with adults – those who may not have had the opportunity to take on this responsibility as a child, as well as those adults who are Jewish by choice – to realize their dreams of becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and our team provides guidance and support throughout the process to ensure a meaningful experience.

OJL White Label Partnership Programs

This program provides synagogues, institutions and communities the opportunity to seamlessly expand their current educational offerings, without needing to hire additional staff. OJL creates “white label” programs to ensure families feel connected to their communities even while learning online. OJL manages all of the back-end elements (e.g., scheduling, reminders, invoicing and billing) so clergy and educators can focus on other priorities, such as building community. The OJL White Label Partnership Program is customized to meet the needs of each client, and may include 1:1, small group, family and community-wide learning options.

Leadership Team
Rabbi Danielle Eskow
Rabbi Danielle Eskow

Co-founder and CEO

Rabbi Dani is the visionary, CEO, and Co-Founder of Online Jewish Learning, a pioneer in online Jewish education and outreach for individuals, families, and communities across the globe. Dani graduated from Brandeis University with High Honors and The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) with degrees in Psychology, Jewish Studies, Hebrew, and Scriptural Interpretation. Dani works closely with OJLs Leadership Team to ensure that all of our families’ needs are continuously being met. Dani is passionate about skiing and traveling. When Dani is not “entrepreneur-ing,” she is the “chaos coordinator” and mom of three young children. When she has time, she enjoys skiing in Vermont, traveling, sleeping and riding her peloton.

Dr. Marisa Tieger, M.D.
Dr. Marisa Tieger, M.D.


Dr. Tieger earned a B.S., summa cum laude, from Syracuse University. A gifted student and scholarship athlete, Dr. Tiger was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, all while playing Division I basketball for the Syracuse University Women’s team and was a member of the Israeli National Women’s Team. Dr. Tieger co-founded OJL with her sister, Rabbi Dani, in 2011 and created the original OJL Hebrew curriculum. Dr. Tieger lives in Newton, MA with her husband and daughter.

Administrative Team
Tamar Blomster

Tamar Blomster

Director of Curriculum Development

Tamar brings more than 20 years of teaching experience to her role at Online Jewish Learning. She is thrilled to have found her home with OJL, the “most welcoming community of diverse students and teachers of all ages, who are eager to grow together as Jewish people.” One of OJL’s Lead Teachers and curriculum developers, Tamar is passionately working behind the scenes to keep OJL at the forefront of Jewish Education. She lives in Tampa FL with her husband and son.

Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein

Accounts and Billing Manager

A dedicated finance professional with more than 15 years of experience, Amy truly enjoys working with the incredible families and professional staff of the Online Jewish Learning community. Amy received a BS in Business Administration and MBA in Management from St. Thomas Aquinas College. She lives in New York with her husband and their 2 daughters.

Marissa Malett

Marissa Malett

Director of Education and Growth

Marissa has worked in the field of Jewish education for more than 15 years. At Online Jewish Learning, she has held several roles of increasing responsibility, including as a Teacher, Operations Manager and currently, as the Director of Education and Growth. Marissa loves the flexibility that OJL provides families, and that OJL takes great care to match students with teachers based on their various learning styles. Marissa works closely with the OJL team to make sure that each student and family has a meaningful learning experience and reaches their educational goals. Marissa received a MA in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She lives in New York with her husband and two sons.

Aliza Stein

Aliza Stein

Lead Teacher and Curriculum Development

What Our Students Say

The team is super helpful, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable.

Our family loved! Our son Jonathan was able to complete his bar mitzvah studies in a convenient manner with lots of personal attention. It was really helpful being able to schedule lessons as needed and Jonathan enjoyed his studies tremendously, whereas he often found his Hebrew school to be too repetitive and slow-moving. The entire Online Jewish Learning team was super helpful, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable. We couldn’t recommend Online Jewish Learning more highly!

– Sharon (Parent), New York City

The class happens in your home at a time convenient to you.

If you are on the fence about putting your kids in a brick and mortar Hebrew school, give Online Jewish Learning a try. You can schedule Hebrew school to fit your schedule. You don’t have to schlep the kids during rush hour and then wait two hours for them to finish, because the class happens in your home at a time convenient to you. Your child will have joyful memories of learning with a teacher who is passionate about their subject and who imparts that passion with every lesson.

– Sherene (Parent), Virginia

Fun, easy and user-friendly program!

My son was incredibly nervous about preparing for his Bar Mitzvah. Upon beginning his studies with he became much more comfortable and his confidence increased. I found him studying all the time because he thought it was fun and easy! I would recommend to anyone looking for a thorough, fun, and user-friendly program for their child.

– Melissa (Parent), California

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