1. Why Online Jewish Learning (OJL)?

OJL offers Hebrew School and B’nai Mitzvah preparation courses that prove to get desired results. Our innovative teaching methods engage students in fun and meaningful ways, enabling them to enjoy the learning process and truly embrace the subject matter. Our experienced educators and clergy are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching Judaics, Hebrew language and Torah. Most importantly, our dynamic program is flexible and provides busy families with a convenient learning option that can take place at any time, and anywhere.

2. Why engage OJL, as opposed to a traditional b’nai mitzvah tutor?

We understand the many demands often placed on students and their families, especially during the tween years (a.k.a. prime b’nai mitzvah preparation season). Academics, sports, music, STEM, school plays, socializing (just to name a few) are often competing for precious time. OJL offers busy families with a convenient learning option that can take place when it works best for them.

Our personalized program is designed to meet the needs of each of our students. One-on-one, virtual tutoring is scheduled when it is most convenient, therefore eliminating driving time and minimizing logistics for busy families. Importantly, the length and format of our lessons are designed to keep students motivated, making the best of their time and attention.

3. We are members of a synagogue. How will engaging OJL affect our synagogue affiliation?

We welcome the opportunity to work with families who are synagogue members and enjoy collaborating with synagogue clergy and educators, as needed, to ensure our curriculum aligns with the service, rituals, and requirements of the synagogue.

4. We are not members of a synagogue. Do we need to join a synagogue to engage OJL?

Families do not need to be members of a synagogue to work with OJL, or for their children to become b’nai mitzvah. In fact, over the past 10 years, we have worked with thousands of families who were not members of synagogues at the time of their children’s b’nai mitzvah. Our team of experienced clergy and educators are experts in b’nai mitzvah preparation and ensure our students fulfill all necessary requirements of becoming b’nai mitzvah. If desired, we will also help families connect with a local synagogue or Rabbi to help facilitate the ceremony.

5. Does OJL facilitate b’nai mitzvah ceremonies?


6. How long does it take to prepare for a b’nai mitzvah?

The length of our program varies, and is personalized for each student. The traditional OJL program, which includes both a Hebrew Language foundation followed by B’nai Mitzvah preparation is typically completed in approximately 1-1.5 years. We also offer an accelerated program, which may be completed in 6-9 months. Prior education, learning needs, availability, etc., are all factors in determining the type and length of the program.

7. How often do students meet with their b’nai mitzvah tutors? Is there flexibility?

We typically schedule regular bi-weekly lessons with your child to ensure a firm grasp of the material. Each session is 30 minutes long, designed to optimize concentration and guarantee adequate practice time. Your child will also be given assignments to practice and complete between sessions. This will cement the materials learned during each session and enable us to proceed. Our programs are flexible, designed to meet the needs of each student and family.

8. How will I know how my child is progressing?

We send parents/caregivers bi-monthly reports and are happy to connect with families anytime to discuss our students’ progress.

9. How much does the program cost?

Costs vary based on the number of lessons and the different programs incorporated into any individual student’s course. When programs are combined (such as Hebrew Reading with B’nai Mitzvah preparation) the total cost is discounted. All learning materials are included, and payment plans are available. Please contact us for more information.

10. When should my child begin their studies and preparation to become a bar/bat mitzvah?

We encourage families to begin the process as early as possible. Ideally, students should begin preparing for b’nai mitzvah at 11 years old. However, if your child’s bar/bat mitzvah is less than a year away, please contact us to discuss our accelerated program, and we will do our very best to accommodate your family.

11. I’m an adult, but never had a bar/bat mitzvah. Is it too late? Do you have to be 13 years old to become a bar/bat mitzvah?

It’s never too late to become a bar/bat mitzvah! The term bar/bat mitzvah refers to the coming-of-age ceremony in Judaism, which typically takes place at age 13 (depending on religious practice, in some communities girls become a bat mitzvah at age 12). While it is typical to become a bar/bat mitzvah at 13 years old, there is no “end” and we have worked with many adults to help them realize their goal of becoming a bar/bat mitzvah.

12. Do both parents/caregivers need to be Jewish for their children to become b’nai mitzvah?

All families are different and we respect and celebrate those differences. We have worked with families of various backgrounds and dynamics, and welcome the opportunity to create meaningful experiences and connections to Judaism through the learning process. Please contact us to discuss how OJL can help support your b’nai mitzvah planning efforts.

Have more questions?
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What programs do we offer?
  • Hebrew school at Home program
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation
  • Hebrew reading program
  • Adult Education program
  • Accelerated Bar/Bat Mitzvah program
What Our Students Say

The team is super helpful, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable.

Our family loved OnlineJewishLearning.com! Our son Jonathan was able to complete his bar mitzvah studies in a convenient manner with lots of personal attention. It was really helpful being able to schedule lessons as needed and Jonathan enjoyed his studies tremendously, whereas he often found his Hebrew school to be too repetitive and slow-moving. The entire Online Jewish Learning team was super helpful, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable. We couldn’t recommend Online Jewish Learning more highly!

– Sharon (Parent), New York City

The class happens in your home at a time convenient to you.

If you are on the fence about putting your kids in a brick and mortar Hebrew school, give Online Jewish Learning a try. You can schedule Hebrew school to fit your schedule. You don’t have to schlep the kids during rush hour and then wait two hours for them to finish, because the class happens in your home at a time convenient to you. Your child will have joyful memories of learning with a teacher who is passionate about their subject and who imparts that passion with every lesson.

– Sherene (Parent), Virginia

Fun, easy and user-friendly program!

My son was incredibly nervous about preparing for his Bar Mitzvah. Upon beginning his studies with onlinejewishlearning.com he became much more comfortable and his confidence increased. I found him studying all the time because he thought it was fun and easy! I would recommend OnlineJewishLearning.com to anyone looking for a thorough, fun, and user-friendly program for their child.

– Melissa (Parent), California

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