Making Bar/Bat Mitzvah Learning Fun!

Written by Rabbi Dani, Co-Founder and CEO 

Online Jewish Learning’s Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah preparation programs seek to make Bar Mitzvah preparation more than just a boring exercise in memorizing your Torah portion. Each student at Online Jewish Learning receives personalized attention and experiences fun and engagingonline Bar Mitzvah lessons which provide a full learning experience for our students as they study to become Jewish adults. Bar Mitzvah preparation often stops as students have their Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation should not be the end of a Jewish student’s education. Rather, at Online Jewish Learning we seek to maintain a strong relationship with our students post Bar and Bat Mitzvah lessonsOnline Jewish Learning offers Online Jewish classes for students post Bar and Bat Mitzvah. The Bar Mitzvah preparation program is just the beginning.  Online Jewish Learning is a partner for our students for lifelong learning. We are not just the place to study online for Bar Mitzvah, we are partners in your lifelong Jewish journey.