Celebrate Purim with Online Jewish Learning

Written by Rabbi Dani, Co-Founder and CEO

It has been a while since we have had the opportunity to celebrate a Jewish holiday! In the fall we are swamped with holidays left and right-and almost forget what it is like by this time of year. Next week we celebrate Purim, one of the “minor” holidays, but definitely one of the most fun. Purim is the day where we celebrate the Jewish community in Persia and how they were saved from persecution under the Persian king’s right hand man, Haman (boo!!). It is a holiday where we celebrate being proud of our Judaism, and not succumbing to the surrounding society in order to save ourselves. It is a true Jewish story-a Jewish queen fighting for her people despite the consequences.

So how can we celebrate Purim with our families this year? We wear costumes, some people go to services and listen to the story of Purim with the megillah (the scroll of Esther) and we celebrate!

Talk to your kids about how they feel about their Judaism-do they ever feel like they have to “hide” it? Do they feel comfortable sharing that they are Jewish with others? This story is a great example!

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