Custom Jewish Learning for Every Student

Written by Marisa Gobuty Co-Founder of OJL 

When we started Online Jewish Learning our goal was to make learning fun, meaningful, and convenient. Early on Rabbi Dani and I taught all of our students ourselves and through the this process developed our own methods for making Bar Mitzvah preparationHebrew reading, and Jewish studies exciting and easy. As we taught our students we learned from them, seeing what works best and how to approach different learning styles. Our programs offer each teacher the opportunity to customize lessons depending on each students individual learning style. It is our philosophy that online Jewish education should be individualized and tailored to each students unique needs. Using our copyrighted material students learn easily and master skills that can be broken down into simple understandable terms. Bar Mitzvah preparation should not be stressful or frustrating and with our interactive programs and enthusiastic teachers learning occurs with ease. We are eager to show you how simple online Jewish learning can be. Please contact us to set up a free lesson and lets start learning together today!