Pause, Rewind, and Reflect: Shabbat

We all lead very busy lives-we are constantly running from one thing to another-whether it is from one sports practice to another, from one meeting to the next, or from one parent meeting to another, we are constantly on the move. Our society today functions in “fast forward” mode, and we often do not have the luxury of pausing, rewinding, and taking a minute to breathe and focus on what truly matters.

Shabbat is a unique opportunity for families to engage in much needed “us” time. It is a moment in time where we are offered the opportunity to breathe, to disengage from the craziness of the week and check in with ourselves and those we love. To “unplug” and focus on our families, friends, and ourselves.

We at OnlineJewishLearning focus heavily on offering families the opportunity to engage Jewishly without adding an extra “burden” or additional “work.” By bringing Jewish lessons online and into the home, OnlineJewishLearning enables families to engage from where they are, whenever they want, without having to schlep to another “chore.” It is not about eliminating the need for community at all, it is actually an opportunity for communities to use this flexible option to further engage their families-bridging the gap between the home and the community.

Shabbat is a frozen moment in time-a unique opportunity gifted to each of us-why not take it? Whether it is having a family dinner “unplugged” on Friday nights, discussing something from the weekly Torah portion on a Saturday afternoon, walking to the park rather than driving, or whatever it is that makes you feel “relaxed” and “unplugged,” give yourself and your family the gift of Shabbat-of a time just for you.

One of the many ways we engage families in Shabbat is through our family learning programs. Please feel free to check out all of the online Jewish classes we offer. It is our goal to bring Jewish learning into your home, hearts, and families.

Wishing you and yours a Shabbat Shalom!