Summer Break or Summer Opportunity?

School is out for summer. The kids may be at summer camp or you are one of the many parents who is running around trying to keep their kids occupied during these hot summer months. Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation, but for many of us, it is a time that is full of empty time that we must fill and occupy. Whether we work or we are at home, we have a lot of time and very active kids to entertain.

Look no further-we at Online Jewish Learning understand how difficult summer can be-especially when the kids are not at camp. One of the many ideas that people have is that when secular school is out, Jewish learning also take a hiatus. We actually feel differently-we believe summer is a fantastic time for you or your students to engage in Jewish learning online with our great educators at Online Jewish Learning. Summer is a time where kids are not as stressed with regular school homework, exams, extracurriculars, etc. It is a time where there is little competing for their attention. We offer a variety of opportunities for our students to continue their learning throughout the summer.

This week on our blog we would like to spotlight a new offering we have for our families. We are happy to offer family learning opportunities for all ages. We know that you like to listen in on your student’s lessons, and sometimes you think, “I would love to brush up on my Hebrew too,” or “I really should know more about Passover.” We create customized family learning classes for you and your children to engage in Jewish learning together. So grab some ice cream, gather around the table, and get ready to make meaningful memories with your family while at the same time, strengthening your Jewish identity.